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Thoughts behind… pt1

In this post I would like to take a deeper look at some of my pieces in “Character-design”.

At the current state you can find the three persons Virago, Hiraeth and Dalliance. All of them represent a rather uncommon but beautiful word in the english language. I personally like to think of them as more spirit-like creatures than human beings themselves.

You can read up the exact definitions of their names right under their pictures and below that is a paragraph of my thoughts and feelings I connect with these words.

Virago was the first to be shown so she will be my first subject of discussion.
A woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities.
If you take a closer look on the choice of wardrobe it is easy to notice that she is indeed a warrior. Furthermore, the war paint under her eyes and on her head. Even though she clearly has feminine features, it is not the first instinct to sexualize her. The main focus lies on the way she represents herself without distracting features, which is a main reason why she hasn’t got any hair or even real eyes.
Her soul is more significant than her body so giving her white eyes was an important aspect for me to consider.
Her mission is protecting those who can’t protect themselves and she will always follow that guideline, regardless of good or bad.

Hiraeth on the opposite has all these features. Dynamic purple hair, a flattering dress which perfectly surrounds her moving body, …
A homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.
She represents the feeling of not knowing where to go. It can be liberating and scaring at the same time. She is focused on her way without knowing where it will lead her, without knowing what to expect. Nevertheless, she is willing to take the first step so others can follow her while feeling protected. The urge to have a place you belong to motivates her so much, that she will never stop searching until her heart feels like it found its home.

The third one, Dalliance, is the most heartbreaking one.
A brief love affair.
Her clothes are very transparent which moves her body in the foreground. As beautiful as it may seem, her eyes are showing the really important thing. There is no brightness or loveliness – there is only darkness. She suffered from the circle of intimacy without the binding attachment, leading to heartbreak or nostalgia. Her beauty is suppressed by her aching heart of reliving the moments of love, even though she knows exactly it was never meant to be forever. Still, she is longing for those times.
She represents a lot of feeling and thinking few people would really understand, given the fact that the circumstances are always very personal and different.

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    Now it ‘s perfect, I mean. Thanks! OPI

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