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by Eva

Opia Story

Opia – when their eyes turned white

What would you do, if everything you knew suddenly fell apart and all that’s left are dead white eyes in front of you? Zombies aren’t real, right? Well, who would have thought it could look like this.

A fiction based on what would happen during a zombie apocalypse, telling the journey of two sisters

Opia – (n.) the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable)

Ivy (4/19/2020)
Chapter Four (4/19/2020)
Theodore (4/18/2020)
Chapter Three (4/18/2020)
Fabienne (4/17/2020)
Chapter Two (4/16/2020)
Coralie (4/16/2020)
Chapter One (4/14/2020)


  1. nadja 05/10/2020

    Wann geht’s denn weiter??

    • efofo 05/11/2020 — Post Author

      Hoffentlich bald! Kapitel 5 ist in Arbeit.

  2. Lea 05/13/2020

    Die Story ist so gut!! Richtig gute Charaktere und Spannungsaufbau!

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